How does PBET enhance social interaction of players and Casinos ?

This is how Shira described it :

▪️ We will have online-triggered promotions held on the casino premises therefore creating a real social interaction between players: community-based prizes and exciting tournaments are some of the organized activities that generate interaction between players.

▪️ The dynamic interaction between players occurring through organized activities will generate a snowball effect thus stimulating new registration and higher game play.

▪️ Players will get to know each other and this will generate a snowball effect with new registrations through online or land-based channels. Just imagine online qualified players getting together at the casino for prize-win events with all of the bells and whistles around such an event.

▪️ Our unified gaming platform has a set of social networking features that allows adding friends and creating groups of interest, meeting new people that might live in the same neighborhood and sharing common interests.

▪️ These networking features contain efficient tools to connect people and increase social communication between friends and acquaintances. For example, we enable instant-chat messages between friends and groups while sharing some profile related insights.

▪️ We will have an intuitive user interface with an easy single-click button allowing the share of information across social Media. An optional preview prior to posting feature secures players regarding what is shared and with whom.

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