Patrick AubéBlockchain & Hi-Tech Expert Developer


Patrick is an established businessman having a bachelor degree in computer science. He is a visionary with diversified skilled embracing strategic governance, software development, investment strategies and business processes’ consulting services. . He leads various executive educational programs and is actively involved with investment firms, stock exchanges, and law firms while providing consulting services to many corporations.

Patrick is highly skilled in the e-commerce and digital communities with successful track record in marketing and advertising of online endeavors resulting in high traffic of targeted clientele and sales closing rate surpassing expectations.

In early 2018, counting on his large experience in programming, digital marketing and investment strategies he started active involvement in blockchain projects to quickly become an expert within these area of expertise. Patrick’s technical, business and marketing backgrounds allows him to look into a project from multiple angles and analyze real potentiality while making the right decisions to ensure success of selected ones. As a matter of fact, his experience in trading and business valuations were key to understand and suggest improvements on tokenomics of a project based on individual behavioral factors.

Patrick will play a key role in PBET project ICO on marketing and advertising aspects, since the launching phase till the listing on exchanges. Furthermore, he is a key team member when it comes to attraction and development of gaming players along with the establishment of strategic affiliation programs.