Football Prediction, Star Soccer series 7/12/2020

December 15, 2020

In the first week of December,  players have a long queue to play.

A tradition of English football, many areas have welcomed fans to attend games for the first time since March. Whether it's Mercy, London or the southern coast where 2 thousand people can attend  for a match. As soon as the government lowered the level of surveillance to the second tier match between Liverpool and the football set of Wolves, Anfield is open for supporters after a long period of distancing. Everyone must have confirmed the results of the COVID-19 test including other measures. The club has to tightly control an entrance to the field and spacing of seats. 

Jordan Henderson, captain of the "Reds" talks about the possibility of the club, “Our performance against Ajax in the middle of the week is another important match. Of course we want to win. But beating the top teams in Europe to get through the round of 16 Champions League is always the best. "

“The best thing about this game is many younger players’ efforts that deserve all the credit from.

Playing well in this match, " Durtis Jones made headlines because of his outstanding performance. He is just 19 years old, still young. And still have to play for the team. That is a pressure according to the situation but he can do well.”

"He goes on the field and plays the best performance. He scores a goal and does well for a long time in this team.”

“He was young but played a few matches. "

“While at the end of the day, we had Quy Wien Delleher who might be older than Curtis. But in terms of experience, playing large match is not so much " 

“ He also has to replace Alice Song, who has been doing incredible work for the past two years. "

“Imagine if you made your European debut for Liverpool. In the big game in front of the fans from all over the world. He also has to replace one of the best goalkeepers in the world which is considered a success. But for Quine, this opportunity was bigger than usual. And he deserves all the praise from the game. "

“I thin we’re lucky to have a lot of good goalkeepers and everyone is always striving to do their best for the team. I must also praise Adrian as he is engaging and doing very well. ”

“He's the other lead in the team and I believe that he is professional. Adrienne's career helped and supported everything that made the day go well. "

“The other person I have to mention is Neco William that has to be replaced by top players like Trent Alexander Kerr - Arnold's.”

"I know the boss is talking to Nego after the game with Brighton. And the result is he could play in the next big game as great as we believe he can do it. "

"That's a good thing. And as a captain, I am proud of all three because I myself have come across this. And know how high the measures are when you first step in the big match which is where you have to adapt as quickly as possible. "

"However, this is only the beginning as Liverpool have played well for a long time. "

"When you have a solid foundation, you will have to play well every match and do well in every training session. No one wants to sit back and think about the days we played well when it was time to stop playing football. We have to do our best to make those  good memories. " 

"Fortunately, everyone has had a great attitude since they were in the Academy from what I saw and practiced with them.”

“It gives them a great opportunity which they would not have to hear from me. All credit goes to Alex Ingelrorp and the team that has cultivated them. "

“Now our team needs these juniors, they have to play better than before and we can’t complain about injury anymore. What we can do best is to rectify the situation and use existing resources to benefit the most. "

"If these young players, as well as the others who come into the team continue to produce good results, our team will develop further. 

“I am also delighted that our fans have returned to Anfield today. We always need them. It is like we want more fans now.”

"This period is also the moment that the game quickly comes in and we don't have a very active team, so everyone needs the power of 2,000 fans to be on the pitch today.”

“Wolves is another strong opponent for us, but no matter how the result will come out, hopefully this will be the first step towards a brighter future for everyone after the toughest year I've ever seen. ”

World Football Program

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Chang FA Cup 2020

15:00 Lampang FC VS Suphanburi FC

15:00 Wat Bot City VS Songkhla FC

15:00 Pluakdaeng United VS Trat FC

15:00 Muang Loei United VS Bang Pa-in Ayutthaya FC

18:00 Dome VS Chiang Mai FC

18:00 Port Authority VS Customs United

18:00 Buriram United VS Police

18:00 SCG Muang Thong United VS BG Pathum

English Premier League 2020-2021 

19:00 West Bromwich VS Palace

21:15 Sheffield United vs Leicester

23:30 Spurs VS Arsenal

02:15 Liverpool vs Wolves

Major League Soccer 2020

03:00 Columbus Crew VS New England

La Liga 2020-2021 football tomorrow

20:00 Granada VS Huesca

22:15 Osasuna vs Real Betis

00:30 Villarreal VS Elche

03:00 Alaves vs Real Sociedad

Segunda Division 2020-2021

20:00 Algorgon VS Almeria

22:00 Espanyol VS Kijon

00:15 Albacete vs Girona

02:30 Sabadell VS Real Oviedo

03:00 Zaragoza VS Fuenlabrada

Bundesliga 2020-2021 results

21:30 Werder Bremen VS Stuttgart

00:00 Schalke 04 VS Leverkusen

Bundesliga 2 2020-2021

19:30 Erzke Bierkeou VS Jahn Regensburg

19:30 Paderborn VS Nurnberg

19:30 Würzburger VS Sandhausen

Football League 2020-2021 series

19:00 Lille VS Monaco

21:00 Nantes VS Strasbourg

21:00 Angers VS Lorient 

21:00 Bordeaux VS Brest

21:00 Dijon VS Saint Etienne

23:00 Reims VS Nice

03:00 Metz VS Lyon

Serie A 2020-2021

18:30 Verona VS Cagliari

21:00 Roma vs Sassuolo

21:00 Parma VS Benevento

21:00 Udinese VS Atalanta

00:00 Crotone vs Napoli

02:45 Sampdoria VS Milan

Football  Serie B 2020-2021

21:00 Reggiana VS Monza 1912

03:00 Vicenza VS Cosenza

Norway Elite 2020

23:00 Sandefjord vs Vikings

23:00 Myondalen VS Star

23:00 Stromsgodset VS Haugesund

23:00 Brann vs Sarpsborg

23:00 Bodo Glimt VS Stabeek

01:00 Mold vs Alesund

Netherlands Eerste Divisie 2020-2021

18:15 Den Bosch VS NEC Nijmegen

02:00 NAC Breda VS Dordrecht

Netherlands Eredivisie 2020-2021

18:15 Feyenoord Rotterdam VS Heracles

20:30 Utrecht VS Den Haag

20:30 Alkmaar VS Kroningen

22:45 Heerenveen VS PSV Eindhoven

Denmark Super League 2020-2021

20:00 Sonder Yyske VS Nord Yelland

22:00 Copenhagen VS Horsens

00:00 Lingby VS Randers

Denmark Division 1 2020

20:00 Fredericia VS Hvidov

21:00 Wendzissel VS Silkeborg

J. League Division 1 2020 Wedding dress.

12:00 Roas Oita Trinita vs Vegalta Sendai

13:00 Shonan Belle Mare VS Gamba Osaka

Football League Division 2 in 2020

11:00 Ryukyo VS Fagiano Okayama

11:00 Ehime VS Kyoto Sanga

12:00 Renofa Yamaguchi VS Kirawan Tsu Kitakyushu

12:00 Matsumoto Yamaka VS Albirex Niigata

12:00 Machida Zelvia vs Tokyo Verdy

12:00 Jeff United VS Ventforet Kofu

12:00 Tochigi Esu VS Thespa Kusatsu

12:00 V-Waren VS Yamagata

12:00 Avispa Fukuoka VS Zweiken Kanazawa

12:00 Mito Hollyhock VS Tokushima Vortis

13:00 Jubilo Iwata VS Omiya Ardiya

Scottish Premiership 2020-2021

19:00 Ross County VS Rangers

22:00 Celtic vs St. Johnstone

Austrian League 1 2020-2021 series

16:30 Lafnitz VS Bleu Wes Linz

Austria Bundesliga 2020-2021

20:30 Watten VS Wolfsberger

20:30 TSV Hartberg VS Rapid Vienna

23:00 LASK Linz VS Reed

Belgian Pro League 2020-2021

19:30 Racing Genk VS Royal Antwerp

22:00 Beer Shot, Will Rijk vs Eupen

00:15 Standard Liege VS Mechelen

02:45 Ostende VS Ghent

Brazil Football Series A 2020-2021

05:00 Bahia vs Sierra

05:00 Fluminense VS Atletico - PR

07:00 Crazy Coritino VS Bragantino

02:00 Sao Paulo VS Sports Club Recife

02:00 Gremio Porto vs Vasco Da Gama

04:15 Atletico Mineiro VS Internacional

Brazil Series B 2020-2021

05:00 Sam Pai Oh VS CRB

07:00 Cruzeiro VS Brazil Depelotas

08:00 Cuiaba VS Botafogo SP

04:15 Figurense vs Nautico

Chile Precision Camera Divisions 2020 results.

20:30 Santiago Wanderers VS Coquimbo

04:00 University of Chile VS Katolica

Chinese FA Cup 2020

19:00 Wuhan Sol VS Shandong Liaoning

Perwaha En El 2020-2021

21:00 Slaven VS Dinamo Zagreb

23:05 Hajduk Split VS Rijeka

Greece Super League 2020

20:00 OFI Crit VS Apollon Smirnis

22:15 Giannina vs Lamia

22:15 PAOK VS Asteras

Face to face 'Boyata'

The Siamsport team is honored by the Bundesliga to talk with Dedryck Boyata, the captain of Herald Berlin before the game on Friday night, December 4. This is the match between Herjam Berlin and Union Berlin, two teams of the West and the East and is the first meeting in the top league. The result of the competition, each team wins at their homeland. (Herra won 4-0, Union won 1-0.  The national belgium team was once in his club before being tranfered to Twente in the Holland League and moved to Scotland with Chelsea and Berlin last season. Boyata has, of course, experienced a derby game in three cities. Berlin matches are very different to me compared to other derby matches," he said. Still, new to me. I can say that it is different from other matches that I have been in for many years. "

“Winning and losing has caused a lot of things. It's been like that for a while now. Yes, we've played two games. One game had football fans on the field. In the other game, there were no fans on the field which is a good game for us. The other game does not satisfy us. Now it is okay. I think right now, to deliver a solid change, there will be more plays and more serious matches. But, now the coronavirus outbreak has made the situation different. ”As for adapting to the Bundesliga, Boyata said it took some time to adjust due to having to encounter various things.

“I think it's always going to take a lot of time to adjust when you have to switch from 

one country to another. And when you go to play for the national team, you are faced with a different team and player.”

"As for playing in this league, it was as difficult as I had imagined, with a good team and a lot of great players.So, I was prepared to deal with it. When I came to play in this league, I didn't think I took a long time to adjust to it. Boyata revealed that when playing in the world cup, he had some disappointment before then. "My favorite moment? I don't know. It was probably playing in the World Cup (2018) as a player. The World Cup is always a big event that everyone wants to play.

"When participating in that program, Playing and winning was a great moment. Especially when considering the previous 4 years (he answered incorrectly (Actually it was 2 years ago,) I was picked up for the Euro team, but I hurt when the tournament was just about to start. "

“After that day, I felt like it was the worst time of my life. But with hard work, going to the World Cup 2 years later and playing in that tournament was a great time. "

However, during the week before the game, there are fans fluttering around 30,000 flags of Herra Berlin to support the team and the players. On the day when they could not get into the stadium.

Football News

Responsibility is something that can be preached, but it is a personal matter especially for the public. In the end, the spreading COVID-19  is back again from a group of Thai people working in neighboring countries, but smuggled back home illegally along Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phayao, Phichit, Ratchaburi and Bangkok. That is, stopping normal daily life, walking at the mall, watching movies, Yeah, at the concert. It's not just a problem. The medical team has to watch out for the virus. But the villagers were affected as well. Some people have to rest from their jobs because they have to go through the detention process. As a precaution, risky, close contact, it also affects the business, especially tourism which is without income throughout the year. However, there is a better signal during the high season.

Another hot issue in our country is that there are many perspectives on school uniforms. And, of course, clothes and hairstyles are not a point that is a measure of knowledge and competence. Does casual attire expand social differences or reduce inequality? In older generation’s views, the uniform is a feeling of pride and reminds you of what is the role in front of you.

Uruguayan striker Edison Cavani thanking a friend for the praise with good form, "Thank You Black", which may have been interpreted as racist, even without intent. El Matador'' deleted the post and apologized immediately. Bernardo Silv, Manchester City's Portuguese midfielder was banned from playing one match during last season's co-star Jameen Mendy as he made fun of his mate. This type of offense will be banned for 3 rounds at once so that it is clear that there is no malicious purpose in the text of him. As he immediately deleted the message when it became aware that there may be a misunderstanding.

Dwarf Gary Neville looks out for the old team this time that it would be better to clarify.

This is a polite cross-league move, could it be different or the same? Because Jordan Henderson has just accepted him and Liverpool. Do not support Luis Suarez, as the racist Patrish Evra, although they’re friends, but correctness is the first priority.

It may not always be negative as he is foreign. I think we have to understand both sides. But if you come to a different society, you need to be careful and adapt.

Mostly because if we do in the area we think it is private in our own account, but open to the public on online media, anyone can access that content.

But the perspective of Watford striker Troy Deeney commented, society calls for equality, not discriminating, isn't it? Will it be determined? The Paris Saint-Germain striker has to be banned for more than three matches. But what matters is a head injury in sports. As medical research indicates, there is a chance a player will suffer a late-life amnesia, which has already happened with England and Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton.There’s a report that allows for extra substitution if there is a brain injury for the safety basis.

Recently, Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool and Alan Shearer Noel, having David Luiz and Raul Himez knocked out the Mexican striker.  He immediately underwent craniotomy, and now is safe to recover. Aiming to return to the field as soon as possible, but there is still no definite limit on the defensive line, until the end of the first half and gets removed. But during that time, every time the live camera captures, he’s still bleeding. Even the medical team insisted on thorough examination of the Czechs and then allowed him to continue playing. But, Luiz God recently played the UEFA Europa League game on Thursday. That is the proof that shows, right? He was really affected by the stroke of the head. 

If there is a headache for sure from now, the team will recruit players by relocating their affiliation to the real elite league. The United Kingdom - the UK has been directly affected by the secession from the European Union (EU) since its start.

On the first 1 January, the footballer in another house, another city, has to request a work permit like any other profession. The questions about playing statistics with previous agencies are how is the performance? How strong is the league? It would be difficult because in the Premier League, a club can sign a maximum of 3 players outside the under-21s or 6 players per critical season under Fifa Brexit. It means English clubs will not be able to sign players.

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Bulging ghost son Tuchel oversees the army - he nodded his head.

Leading media in Germany reported that Manchester United and Thomas Tudel, the underdeveloped blood trainer expressed an interest in wanting to work together with this event. "Red Devils'' hoping to replace Ole Gunnart Cholcha, the current manager of the team. Tukle recently brought in Paris. Chant-Germain beat Manchester United 3-1 at Old Trafford in their fifth UEFA Champions League Group H group match on Wednesday. However, his future with "PSG'' is still uncertain. After the head of the team won the Cup ``Big Ear" from Bayern Munich last season. Plus, in this session, still have to hope for the last game to win tickets to play in the knockout round.

While the situation was no different from Tugel, because he had been released all the time. Playing at the beginning of this season is not stable. This caused the board of directors to convince that "Uncle Candy" is the person who suits the position of the latest "Red David's" boss.  It has been reported that Manchester United had expressed interest in wanting Tulae to work as a substitute for Cholcha's team. While former "Yellow-Tiger" coach Borussia Dortmund also expressed interest in wanting to work in "Theater of Dreams" as well. Previously, "Red Devils" was unemployed after being fired by Tottenham Shot Spurs, but now "Posh" is gaining attention from Real Madrid who want to act as a substitute for Chinadine Chi Khan, the French trainer.

Football news to the end of 2020

Manchester United, Manchester City and Everton is the English Premier League team that will have average rest time during 19-30 December. As each team has two days to rest on average, according to The Independent.

Over the years, many Premier League coaches have expressed their displeasure with the management of the competition.

The schedule was not good as it should be with too little resting time to risk serious injuries, especially Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Manchester City.

To that matter, especially in recent days, it hasn't entered the Boxing Day week, when each team has a kick-off program.

The Independent calculated that on 19-30 December, How many days will each Premier League team have an average of rest? Because December 30 is the last day for the Premier League program to kick off in 2020, and the result is Manchester-City and Everton are the teams with the least average rest time followed by Archenall and Tottenham Hotspur, who have an average of 2.3 days.

It is because they still have a queue to play the Carabao Cup quarter-finals on 22-23 December, too. Liverpool are the team that will have the most rest at the end of the year together with Fulham. Both teams will have an average of 4.5 days.

In summary, the team with the least average rest time in the Premier League on 19-30 December

1. Everton 2 days

2. Man City 2 days

3.Man United 2 days

4.Arsenal 2.3 days

5. Spurs 2.3 days

6. Chelsea 2.7 days

* 19.Liverpool 4.5 days

20 Fulham 4.5 days

Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho secretly determined Jürgen Kloppikun that he never supported hime when they expressed their displeasure about the English Premier League program.

Over the past several days, Klopp and Guardiola have blamed the Premier League's management of the match.

After some weeks, they had to play in their first matches on Saturday, despite midweekly the European Cup, saying it had prevented the players from recovering well. It tends to risk injury as well.

Spurs had the same harsh situation earlier this season because the program had to play eight games in a period of 18 days. Mourinho also expressed his displeasure with this as well but survived the situation in that period from having lost just one match. That was the opening league game of the season that lost 0-1 to Everton.

"I have to say we've played 4 games in a single week. But at that time, nobody came out to support us. And now all my colleagues are talking about that.

When are they playing a program like this? ” According to the Portuguese, the Premier League's tournament management team, who has yet to know when the teams with the remaining matches will kick off. The game between Burnley-Manchester United and the match between Manchester City - Aston Villa had previously had to play in the opening program of the season. It was postponed because the second side Manchester City team from Storrs added to the game during the European Cup a few days earlier.

"What is very difficult to accept is that now there are Four teams playing one match less than others and I still don't know when they'll start this game.

“I don't even know when Burnley, Manchester City, Astonville and Manchester United will play and possibly even a program between Newcastle and Aston Villa (the pair was recently postponed in the COVID-19 outbreak) in northern England.

"It is difficult to accept because it affects the competition. But I'm trying to find out about that this week. But there was no one who answered me. "

Old Dutch midfielder Marten De Ron remained on contract with Atalanta only 6 months.

For another goal of Barcelona "Mundo Deportivo" Catalunya, the media reported on Saturday that Marten de Ron is another target for Barcelona after the Dutch midfielder. At the end of this season, De Ron is ending his contract with Atalanta and has been able to enter into a pre-contract agreement with the new club from 1 January. De Ron has moved from Heerenveen to Atalanta. During Jammerspay in 2015, he joined Micklesbrough the following year, but was unsuccessful until he returned to the top Bergamo club in the summer. He currently has a contract with Atalanta until June 30, 2021, according to reports. Barcelona are interested in a free contract with Dutch midfielder Deron just like Memphis. Olympian Lyon striker De Pai, Liverpool midfielder Georgino Vinal and Manchester City defender Erik Garcia are set to be independent during the season of Jammers next year.

Napoli Club, the famous team in the Serie A Italian Serie A, will change the stadium name from the original Stadio.

San Paolo was named Stadio Diego ArmandoMaradona "Stadio Diego Armando Maradona" in honor of Mara, the great legend of the army "Ashhara" who died at the age of 60 at the end of the month.

Last November, Maradona became a legend for Napoli after spending time at the club for seven seasons from 1984-1991, and made a history of leading the club with great championships including two Italian top-tier titles, Copa Italia.  After the "short-haired" Tiger died of a heart attack, fans and club president Aurelio de Laurentis had the idea of ​​changing the name of their home stadium to honor Argentina national team captain. The 1986 World Cup winning kit at the end of the Naples City Council, which has been formally approved by the owner of the stadium, will do this.

The Naples City Council stated that "There has been a resolution approving today. The stadium will take the name of Diego Armando Maradona for this resolution, proposed by Mayor Luigi Demagistris (Naples), Alessandre Clemens. Ta, Member of the council. 

“Before the Executive Committee meeting, the Urban Geology Advisory Committee has approved the proposal of the mayor, the council members and the city council on the name of Sanpolo, to be changed by the name Stadio Diego Armando Maradone, " the original statement stated.

Napoli will use a new name of the stadium in the game with Villarreal in the UEFA, the Europa League group stages for the last Group F on Thursday 10 December.

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