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PBET project is unique since we tap into an opportunity not yet addressed: Physical casinos searching for a competitive solution to expand into online. We do so by already having 20 physical casinos as clients of our casino management system, Genuina.

It is a system connected to gaming machines in land-based venues that ensures compliance with industry protocols and covers many areas of operations such as accounting, payments, financials, reporting services, marketing, loyalty programs, and player promotions.

We are present in Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Dominican Republic, Colombia , Guatemala, Cyprus and Canada.

The company issuing the current ICO is based in Cyprus.

The Core team is already built and resources have worked together for years on casino software solutions and they are in high performance stage. We have key employees in each competency area that will facilitate team expension based on project needs.

70% of all issued tokens are for public sale.

Unsold tokens are burned in accordance with the Smart contract.

We need PBET as the proprietary token for the following reasons:

  • Resolve online gaming high transactional fees with token payment;
  • Easy, portable and secure payment method for players when traveling;
  • Same token in physical gaming and online with fund transfer capabilities enable by the Unified Gaming Platform;
  • Allows special bonuses based on token use metrics within local partners sharing the same Reward Club thanks to Pbet beeing stdandard comp;
  • Encourage small games studios to excel in developing crypto-based games;
  • A mean of payment between different partners within PBET ecosystem such as affiliates, players, casinos, partners within the Reward Club, specialized games studios…